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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 5

What Next?

As graduation time approached, we seniors became more and more concerned about the professions we would follow. It happened that in our class there were a number of fellows who chose to study law. While I had never before been interested in that as a career, I found myself leaning toward it strongly. After each conversation with the law enthusiasts, I was more and more sold on the idea. Consequently by the time I was graduated I had pledged my future to the study and practice of law.

But to study law costs money.

And here again, while I didn't appreciate it at the time, that very lack of money was a blessing in disguise.

Back on the farm the lack of money had given me the job of hired girl, and I had learned in that experience the nobility in doing for others. "Hands of a helper" my Mother had said.

Lack of money had made a situation on the farm in which my parents, by letting me go to school, had shown me what real unselfishness is.

Lack of money had made me work my way through high school, in which process I had found a pretty good set of values. And now, lack of money was going to make me a school teacher--at least for a few years--instead of a lawyer. It was while I was a school teacher that I practically stumbled onto my real career.

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