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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 30

Modern Conveniences

A dear old German friend came to my office one day. An examination showed that he was suffering from an affliction which only a severe operation could possible relieve.

After thinking it over for a number of weeks, all the time getting worse, he finally found himself in such a condition that he knew the operation would have to be performed. So he came to my office and told me that he had decided to do as I had recommended, that he would be operated on as soon as I thought we could get him ready. I promised to make all arrangements at the hospital where he was to meet me the following afternoon at four o'clock.

That night about nine o'clock the telephone at my home rang and the old gentleman's voice asked me if I were coming to the office that evening. After I told him that I hadn't intended to, he pleased that he would like very, very much to see me and wouldn't I please come over; he wanted to ask me a question, a very important one, that he had forgotten to ask when he was talking with me during the early part of the day.

"Can't you ask me over the phone?" I said, "I could probably answer it right now."

He demurred, giving me to understand that it would be a great favor if I would come to see him; so I consented.

When I arrived at the office he was waiting for me, seemingly glad to see me but nervous. I tried to put him at least by telling him that I would try to answer his question.

"Probably we better go into your private room," he said. So I unlocked the door to my consultation room and invited him in. He sat down.

"Is the door locked?" he asked. I assured him it was.

"Are we all alone?"

"Most certainly we are," I answered.

By this time my curiosity was very much aroused and I wondered what was on the old man's mind. Finally, with furtive glances about the room, he repeated, "You're sure we are alone here?" Again I assured him we were, that he could go ahead and say anything he felt he wanted to say.

He came up very close to me and almost whispered, "Doctor, the question that I wanted to ask you was when I go to that hospital tomorrow can you get me a room with a backhouse in it?"

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