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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 49

When the Bridge Went Down

A passenger train left the Great Western station in Waverly. When it was passing over the bridge across the Cedar, something gave way and the last cars were thrown into the river. As the accident happened a young man and an older one were standing on the rear platform and both of them went down with the car into the water.

The younger one was thrown against the bridge piling; the older one was dumped right into the water. Being unable to swim, he struggled helplessly. The younger man, hearing his companion's cries, swam to him, grasped him, and towed him to shore. Once there they both got out on the river bank.

The older man paled as he look at the youth, "My God, man, your arm!"

Blood was streaming from an empty torn sleeve; the youth's arm was sheared off just below the elbow, and yet he had not known of the injury until that moment. He had not even missed his arm as he saved his companion.

They brought him to the hospital where his injury was dressed--not a hard job since the member was amputated neatly. He made a good recovery. As if to render his convalescence the more enjoyable, a romance budded between him and one of the nurses before he left the hospital.

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