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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 54

I Am Happy

Here I shall end my story. As I look back I am happy to have lived in a most romantic and progressive age in medicine and surgery. A wonderful epoch!

I began the study of medicine when bacteriology was revolutionizing the ideas of the causes of disease. The words of Pasteur, Lister, Koch, Behring and others have solved many problems in medical science and to them is due the honor of having made possible the marvelous progress in surgical achievement and preventive medicine.

Some of the reflections that crowd into my mind suggest sober realities, some awaken cheerful memories. I find renewed sources of continued contentment through my friends who share their companionship.

I cannot refrain from expressing my gratitude to my professional associates and to my efficient office force who have rendered such loyal service. I feel that I am leaving my work in hands more efficient than mine have ever been; for, in addition to Dr. Rathe, there is Dr. O. Hardwig, another Waverly boy, who in January of 1936 took over the surgical work of the firm. His natural ability and his training in a modern university and a large city hospital have fitted him eminently for his work.

And I cannot overestimate the contributions my wife has made to our life together, remembering her watchful waiting for my return from work day or night, and her unselfish devotion during the times of my past and present physical afflictions.

May the reader have garnered from these pages some memories of heroic yesterdays, of cheerful todays, and of hopeful tomorrows!

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