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Good Morning Doctor!

Background and Credits

William A. Rohlf was born on January 5, 1867 in Davenport, Iowa. He received his MD degree from the University of Iowa in 1891. He practiced medicine and surgery for nearly 50 years serving various Iowa communities. His autobiography, Good Morning Doctor!, was written with the assistance of journalist Dorothy Moeller. The seven original illustrations were drawn on a prescription pad turned sideways. The 169 page book was published by the Torch Press of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1938. Dr. Rohlf died on February 17, 1941 at age 74. Long out of print, Good Morning Doctor! was reissued on the Web by Dr. Rohlf's "Great Grand Nephew" Richard Rathe, MD in 1995, and again as this eBook in 2011.

Dorothy Moeller was a pioneering journalist who edited two Iowa newspapers and wrote many books. She is credited with doing the early research that lead to the Newspapers in Education program that now includes almost 700 newspapers and 65,000 schools. Dorothy Moeller died on October 20, 1995 at the age of 92.

The original website was created using the mtx2html tool. MTX is short for "Marked Text." It was a means for creating HTML documents from simple text files. The eBook incarnation of Good Morning Doctor! was constructed using Sigil from fragments of the original website. The orginal transcription from the book was performed by Margie McGarva and copy edited by Diana Rathe Pray. All photographs are from the Rathe family archive.

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