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Good Morning Doctor!

Forward 1938

I have had the rare privilege of being an assistant to Dr. W. A. Rohlf, country surgeon, author of this book. We were great friends and had many good times together at work and at play. I often hoped he would write of his varied experiences but the demands on this busy surgeon were too great. He never had the time to write.

As we neared home from operating late at night we would look for the porch light at his residence. His wife left it burning if we had more work to do--turned it off if our work was done. It was our signal. When it was out, we called it a "glorious gloom." It meant rest for the tired, weary surgeon. It was a gloom but a glorious one.

Finally the eyes of this master surgeon began to fail. He could not see very well--not well enough to operate. Again there was a glorious gloom. Now he had time to give us his recollections. His vivid memory could now recall the interesting events of nearly fifty years of surgical practice.

And so, at the request of many of his friends and colleagues, he brought forth these pages. He has lived again. He has seen a great light through the glorious gloom. This light is reflected through a written record of achievement attained by few men. We are thankful for it.

Leonard A. West, MD

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