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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 32

Blessed Event

Lest it appear that all my interesting experiences happened in winter storms, let me tell of a day of contrasts, a glorious day in June.

The whole outdoors was fresh and sparkling after a delightful night shower; the birds were singing; the flowers nodded their brightly colored heads in the gardens. Nature was happy. The spirit of the morning became mine. I felt so refreshed and jubilant that I walked to the office instead of riding, the better to breathe in the beauty of the morning. In the office, when I arrived, were a man, his wife, and their fifteen-year-old daughter waiting for me. I asked them into my consultation room, and no sooner had I closed the door than they all began to weep.

The father falteringly told me that they were in serious trouble, that his daughter was pregnant but not married. They asked me what they should do, and I told them that an immediate wedding was the best solution.

"He promised to marry me if I got in trouble," the young girl volunteered between sobs. "But when I told him, he didn't do anything, and he left town on the train this morning."

She knew where he was going; therefore I suggested that they consult an attorney, who possibly could have the young man brought back immediately; his destination was only twenty-four hours away and he might be apprehended as soon as he arrived there.

"It happened that things worked out just that way. The marriage took place and now, these many years later, the couple are still living together, happy with the nice family that they have.)

With that dark beginning for such a beautiful day, I almost hesitated to see my next caller who happened to be an attractive sixteen-year-old girl. She marched into my consultation room. There was nothing of the shrinking little violet about her; she was mad. With utter lack of restraint, she brazenly announced that she had come to see me because she had not menstruated for three months.

I was shocked! What, I wondered, is this world coming to! Two such cases in one morning!

I asked her if she had done anything that would make her worry about not having menstruated for three months. She answered promptly, "I should say I have! I've been married since March!"

I am quite sure the young lady didn't know why I looked so amused nor why I was so relieved. Suffice it to say that after she had left, and I had had a good chuckle, the June morning again was quite a thing of beauty. But for a long time thereafter, "I should say I have" was something of a by-word with me!

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