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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 33

Not Three!

Few things that happen to an ordinary family are more dramatic than having a baby. And when that birth is a multiple one, you really have drama, as witness these triplet tales:

Dr. H. C. Habein of Rochester told me this one. It was related to him by a practitioner friend. It seems that the old doctor had been called on a case of confinement in a German family living in the country. A baby arrived. The old grandmother, elated, began laying out its clothes. But, before she had time to dress the baby, the doctor told her that there was another one coming. She still was happy; just to think of twins for her only daughter's first confinement. So she bustled around and got more clothes ready, tenderly taking the second child when it arrived. For, although the family was poor and the layette very limited, there were enough things to cover the two babies. She was just beginning to dress the second baby when the doctor said, "Well, Grandma, there will be another one in just a few minutes." Whereat the grandmother threw up her hands in horror and cried, "Och, Doktor, vas haben vir gethan das die lieber Gott uns so bestraft?" ("What have we done that the dear Lord should so punish us?")

And then there was the politician whose wife went to the hospital to be confined. In due time, he received a telephone call from the nurse that it was all over. "Your wife and three sons are all fine." In his astonishment he answered, "What! Three! Nurse, I demand a recount!"

Dr. C. H. Graening of Waverly told me of the reaction of a farmer whose wife gave birth to triplets. When the first baby came the father said, "Thank God for this blessing." When the second baby came he exclaimed, "The Lord be praised!" But when the third baby arrived he cried, "Dear Lord, we feel thou has sent us sufficient blessings for one day."

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