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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 36

Her Time

Years ago I was called into the country and found a young married woman very sick of pneumonia. The husband, seeming to realize the gravity of her condition, said to me with feeling, "Now, Doc, I want you to do everything you can for this woman. You know, I would rather lose the best horse on this place than lose her!"

It wasn't easy for me to keep a straight face; yet I realized that the poor fellow as, in his way, paying his wife the supreme compliment. I assured him I would do all I could. I asked for a trained nurse, and even though this was in the time before trained nurses were employed very much in rural communities, Hans consented. The nurse and I worked unceasingly and in due time the patient recovered.

I was making my last call, for I found that without complications everything would be all right. I told Hans that the nurse should stay for a few days but after that time they ought to be able to get along alone. As I left, I told Hans that he should be commended for having done everything I asked and that we were very fortunate in his wife's recovery.

Dryly and without emotion Hans commented, "Oh, well, Doc, her time hadn't come. That was all." And that was all the credit anybody got!

Not long after I was called to the same neighborhood to attend a similar case, but this time the patient died. I tried to comfort he husband. "You have done everything you could," I said. "You provided her with every comfort' you got a nurse; you did all I asked."

"Well, Doc, that's all right. Nobody could help it. Her time had come and she had to go."

And that was all there was to it!

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