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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 37

Dumb Animals

My friend who would rather lose the best horse on his place than have his wife die somehow reminds me of another man who called me to his farm to do something for his injured leg.

Arriving, I found that he had a fracture and I asked how he got it. He glared at me, evaded my question, gave me to understand that what he wanted was his leg "fixed" and that it was none of my business how he hurt it. But I insisted on knowing, explaining that if I knew the type of accident I could better attempt the treatment.

He hesitated stubbornly. Then he blurted out, "It was that damned old brindle steer. He kicked me!" His face flushed. "You know, Doc, if I had been kicked by a decent horse or a respectable mule, I wouldn't mind so much. But a steer!" Utter contempt curled his lips.

After some weeks his leg healed. His injured pride? I couldn't say.

Speaking of pride. One day Schmidt came to my office with a very fine black eye. "What on earth hit you?" I asked.

"Vell, ven I vent to der creamery dis morning, Hans and Klaus vas talkin' awful loud. I vent up to dem and vanted to know der drouble und Hans said dat Klaus said he vasn't fit to sleep mit der hogs. Vell, I couldn't take dot. Hans is my friend. So I turned to Klaus und I said, 'You can't talk like dat about Hans. He is my friend. You say he is not fit to sleep mit der hogs. I say he is!' Und den, vould you believe it, Klaus hit me!"

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