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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 38

Unethical Advertising

We were at an Austin Flint Medical Society banquet, and in the after-dinner program Dr. Amos Babcock of New Hampton was introducing Dr. Clark of McGregor. Said he: "Clark and I have been friends ever since we started to practice in Iowa. His success as a country physician and surgeon places him in the top rank of our doctors. But there was a time when he was charged by a member of his county society with unethical advertising." A murmur went around the table.

"Yes," Dr. Babcock resumed, "it was back in the days when we used boiled shirts for emergency dressings. One Monday morning a competitor noticed that Dr. Clark's wife hung out on the clothesline, in the family wash, two collar bands and four cuffs. And that, my friends, could hardly be called even subtle as an advertisement for an extensive surgical practice. Two shirts in one week!"

We roared. But Dr. Clark was equal to the occasion. He got to his feet and with much dignity replied, "This canard, my friends, was, I assure you, made from whole cloth, not boiled shirts."

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