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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 42

My Friend

Of course all our patients are not the complaining kind. As a matter of face, they are usually scattered through our cases just often enough to make us appreciate the many find people who come to us, the many friends who go out of their way to make our work easier.

I am thinking of that farmer who came to my office one night to ask me to make a call at his home. When he got there he found that I had gone into the country on another call but that I was expected back soon.

"Which way will he be coming?" he asked.

"By the main road east of town," he was told. It happened that this road joined the one which went to the farmer's home, the junction point being about three miles out of town but only about a mile from the farmer's home. "I'll go wait for him," my friend told the office attendant and with that he drove to the crossroads and began his long vigil. The night was cold' the wind was blowing, piling the snow in ugly drifts. But the farmer did not give up. For more than an hour he tramped around at the corner to keep from freezing until finally I came along.

And all that sacrifice for me so that I would not need to retrace those three miles on that stormy night! The unselfishness of that simple act, a plain farmer man suffering through an hour of wicked cold because he wanted to help me, has stayed with me all these years as something of an ideal in friendship.

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