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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 43

All Kinds of Devotion

Sometimes there is an ironically funny side to the devotion of patients. Dr. D. S. Bradford, who practiced medicine at Janesville fifty-four years, told just such a story in a speech he gave at dinner of the Bremer County Medical Society honoring Dr. Ford of Plainfield and Dr. Bradford. As nearly as I can recollect them, these are the doctor's words:

One day last winter, I was called up after midnight and, on going to the door, found Mr. J who asked me to go with him to his house about half a mile distant. He offered to carry my bags and we started out. I thought of the many trips I had made to the J house in the last thirty-five years.

I reminded Mr. J that I had attended his wife in her confinements in his home where their five children were born; his daughters when they came home to be confined; and this time I was starting on the next generation, for I was to attend the granddaughter in her confinement.
I told him, "These services have extended over a period of more than thirty-five years and none of you has ever paid me a penny." Then J replied, "But, gee whiz, Doc, just think how we've stuck by you all these years!"
Yes, the whole country stuck by the dear old doctor in much the same way. But unselfishly he served his community, and at his death there was barely enough insurance money to life the mortgage on the home left to his widowed companion.
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