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Good Morning Doctor! - Chapter 44

A New Kind

Dr. Bradford's story reminds me of one in my own experience. A widow with seven children to support, but without funds, was my patient. So I took care of the whole family without any compensation save a head of cabbage, a few tomatoes, or a chicken occasionally. I knew this pay was the best she could do; therefore I cheerfully answered all calls.

She succeeded in rearing her children to more or less useful lives. As the children grew up and had families, there was a natural increase in the calls and responsibilities which I had as their family physician; but I made no charge, having grown accustomed by now to expect no remuneration from them.

One of the widow's sons died not long after his return from the World War, leaving his mother a substantial life insurance policy which the government paid in monthly installments.

Shortly after this I happened to meet the widow in another physician's waiting room. She spoke to me but seemed a little fussed. Apologetically she explained to me that she was visiting this other doctor because she thought she would try a "pay doctor" once.

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